Create Animal Respect and Education

In the wild, animals face adversity on a daily basis.  Ones in captivity do as well.  Animals in neighborhoods like alligators who are fed repeatedly in turn become a nuisance.  Captive wild animals kept as pets by those who are not educated are often given up as the animal grows.  In some cases, the person is not licensed to have such an animal in the first place.  Animals in production companies that are going out of business face serious problems as well.  The list of scenarios goes on and on. 

When any of these things happen, there are organizations that step in to help.  The CARE Foundation is one of them.  Comprised of a group of selfless volunteers and the founder, Christin Burford, the CARE Foundation provides, “non-domestic, non-releasable animals with a safe and permanent home…” and also networks “with other like-minded wildlife facilities to help place and care for exotic animals in need of a home.”  Most of the animals receive hands on attention and play.  The human interactions are necessary for both their happiness and health.  

I chose to focus on these human interactions to show how dependent these animals are on us as they are all non-releasable cases.  Each one of the animals depicted would have had a different fate if not for the help of CARE stepping up to ensure them a safe and stable home.  For all the animals at CARE who are extremely happy and fortunate, there are countless more in need.